What do I do with it?

You mix the Boca with water (yes, water!) to make an awesome, delicious, creamy, kick-as super healthy cacao drink. It might sound strange getting a creamy drink using water but because you are using whole cacao beans, not processed fat-reduced cacao powder no other fat, say milk, needs to be added

This really puzzled us in the beginning. You have the perfect, plant based, healthy fat right there in the bean. Why remove it, destroying so much nutritional value in the process to then blend the fat-reduced cacao powder with another, often less healthy, fat? We then understood how the industry worked and decided to do our own thing, buying whole cacao beans directly from our farmer friends (See Boca Stories / Community).

Ok, how?

It will take you about 15 seconds in a blender or a milk foamer. (If you don't want to wait that long you can eat it, getting all the benefits, the high and the taste of real good cacao.)

Now, make it yours!

A drink is made using Boca and water. It's delicious as it is straight up, try it! If you are missing sugar, or milk, or cream, or fruit flavoured sprinkles, or a shot of espresso you can add that. Just like an espresso you can customize a Boca anyway you like. See Recipes for ideas and instructions. Have fun with it and find your favourite blend.