The BOCA mission is simple; we want everyone to enjoy the amazing taste of CACAO whilst helping us to make the world a better place.

BOCA is more than a great tasting pure chocolate drink made from just the cacao bean and water. BOCA has been a journey of personal discovery, love and awakening. The journey to discover BOCA started by wanting to be above average, to do something better for the world than what was being done. What happened was a journey that took us to the origins of cacao in the Amazonian basin and across the globe in search of the best tasting cacao beans in the world.

We discovered amazing cacao and incredible people. We have been privileged to work with socially conscious individuals who are committed to sustainable farming, peace, health and great taste.

When people drink BOCA we want them to stop, breath and understand that they are helping to nurture the planet whilst celebrating life and the great taste of unrefined chocolate the way it should be consumed.