How does one redefine the world’s most beloved dessert and drink ingredient, and restore the extraordinary, incomparable health properties, complex flavours and spiritual connection that its pure form offers? At Boca, our mission is to recover cacao’s reputation as the go-to product for a healthy and happy energy boost without compromising on taste, quality and impact.

It started with a 2 year long journey + - 15 degrees along the equator in search of the sweetest, most potent beans, a farming community we could grow with and a producer who shared our vision. We developed the natural flavour together, carefully fermenting and lightly roasting the beans turning them into solids with a light conch designed to create that pure cacao experience cacao is here for.


Linsen Abdon is a nature lover, product designer (with a BFA from Parsons School of Design and an EMBA from Insead) and conscious food enthusiast with her roots in the Swedish coast. She believes that every person has the right to a life of wellbeing, access to nutritious food and healthy living, and she has made it her purpose and her mission to do her part in ensuring that.

Because of the good vibes of Boca (see more under Boca Stories / Community) beautiful contributors in the shape of artists, product developers, chefs, business advisors, photographers and day to day hands have gathered around BOCA to bring it to life.